Current WordPress dev setup

Since returning to full-time development, I’ve revisited my dev setup and wanted to share here.

Sublime Text 3 for primary editing. I used Homebrew to install PHP7 and PHPCS for linting locally. I’m using the packages BracketHighlighter, DocBlockr, Code Intel, and of course Linter/Linter PHPCS with one of the WordPress standards set.

Thanks to a coworker, I still have an old copy of Codebug– I bought it for ~$50 a couple years ago but the developer halted the project and now it’s nowhere online. Codebug is nice to break code and see what different variables are doing during execution.

I use iTerm with ZSH.

Right now I am using Bee as a Jira client, but I haven’t finished the trial yet.

Alley uses Slack to communicate internally and I also have AirmailClearSpotifySimpleNote, and TweetBot open at various times throughout the day.

Posted Dec. 4 2016, 11:22 am by davis