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Day: June 5, 2010

Everyone on TV reads the same newspaper – Boing Boing

Everybody on TV and in movies reads the same newspaper, it seems. And they’ve been reading that standard newspaper prop for decades. At a guess: paranoid studio lawyers don’t want to use real newspapers because they think that they might get a copyright complaint from the paper (despite this incidental use being clearly fair use), […]

Online Anonymity with the Founder of 4chan (TED Talk)

via His talk is about 4chan, the anonymous message board that generates a great deal of Internet memes, such as LOLcatz. He makes the point that the anonymous nature of the product has seemed to have played a major role in its success. But he warns that when real identity is no longer used, […]

Kirstin Lord on Obama’s Gaza Options

If he tries to ignore the issue or simply defend Israel’s actions, then the first anniversary of the Cairo speech will also be its epitaph. via The blog curated by Marc Lynch for Foreign Policy is the place to go for incisive analysis of the political Middle East.

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