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Online Anonymity with the Founder of 4chan (TED Talk)


His talk is about 4chan, the anonymous message board that generates a great deal of Internet memes, such as LOLcatz. He makes the point that the anonymous nature of the product has seemed to have played a major role in its success.

But he warns that when real identity is no longer used, something is lost.

We’ve been discussing at Onward State for a while how we wanted to handle comments. We saw the Nieman post about Gawker’s success switching to a more restrictive commenting system– one that is moderated arbitrarily for quality of comment. I don’t think that’s the way to go. However, I believe that there might be value in requiring a user to sign-in before leaving a comment. My goal is a commenting system with the Huffington Post’s game dynamics (I love the idea of awarding badges) with a community like some of the Internet’s better blogs (I’m thinking more of the clusterflock type).

BTW, I’m looking forward to the image board moot is developing.


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Real publishers, real problems, real opportunities

Here is a copy of my presentation and prepared remarks from WordCamp for Publishers 2019 in Columbus.

Chris Gethard & Mal Blum – Crying At The Wawa (Official Video)

Old but new to me.

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