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Day: June 7, 2010

Does Who Creates Content Matter to Marketers? – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

In assessing the recent rise of so many content farms, Mr. Kaplan referenced Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” and perhaps minted a new quote for future observers: “What these sites are producing,” he started before a long pause: “You know what it is? It’s like sending unchecked meats out to the public. via There are […]

The Content Graph and the Future of Brands – Publishing 2.0

The Content Graph puts news brands back in the game, but not as a return to monolithic monopolies, rather through the power of networks — a network of content brands. (This network includes independent journalists who cultivate their own personal brands.) Ultimately, the Content Graph could be a map for brand advertising on the web, that […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Madison McCord, Web Editor, The Communicator, Spokane Falls CC « College Media Matters

Our decision to hand-code was very easy. We wanted the site our way. By hand-coding, we were able to adjust every part of our site and customize it to what our consumer wants. The one thing that students underestimate is the fact that hand-coding is easy to learn.  We were also pushed by our adviser […]

Queen Rania of Jordan: Hardliners are now the face of Israel – The Independent

Speaking as a moderate, I fear if the tides don’t turn in our region, moderation will be amongst the most painful casualties of continued aggression and hardline policies. As someone who lived through the late King Hussein’s fight for peace, until his very last breath, and watches his son, my husband, King Abdullah, continue that […]

NPR: All Things D

via It’s weird for me to see radio people in video– I’m used to listening to the podcasts. I kind of want to see a longer version of the Auto Tuned All Things Considered. I’m a sucker for Auto-Tune the News.

The World’s First TBD Promo

via youtube.comI’m excited to see where @TBD goes. Mobile developers should check out this job ad– join Politico as an apps developer.

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