MediaShift Idea Lab: The Future of News: Not So Bleak, Not So Rosy

The cost base is still going to have to go down. The cost of producing news will necessarily have to be a lot lower than it has been historically. This doesn’t have to mean cutting journalist’s jobs or getting out of print. There are lots of ways to rethink costs in a digital world. One of the most inventive is Roman Gallo’s Czech model. Gallo opened cafés in the centre of towns across the Czech Republic. He then put his news teams in the cafés. Not only does this mean they have very low office overhead (the café covers basic costs), but it means the journalists are working in amongst the local community and getting readers directly involved in production.

I love this idea. I’ve thought about how to make it work in the context of Onward State but I’m not ready to share just yet.

Posted Jun. 7 2010, 1:09 am