The Content Graph and the Future of Brands – Publishing 2.0

The Content Graph puts news brands back in the game, but not as a return to monolithic monopolies, rather through the power of networks — a network of content brands. (This network includes independent journalists who cultivate their own personal brands.)

Ultimately, the Content Graph could be a map for brand advertising on the web, that enables advertisers to tap into a network of high quality content brands, at scale.

Nice articulation of how news organizations can create symbiotic relationships. Though he doesn’t mention it directly, the concept of the Content Graph implicitly calls for greater amounts of metadata in content– an open format for sharing and interacting with information. Individuals could implement a variation of this approach too– a network of journalists as easily as a network of news brands.

FWIW, I’m a fan of Publish2. I wish Posterous allowed for extensions, because I would like to put a widget with my links here. I’m also pretty sure we’ll be implementing a link widget on the new Onward State design.

Posted Jun. 7 2010, 8:56 pm