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Day: June 8, 2010

David Foster Wallace on iPhone 4’s FaceTime

In Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace wrote that within the reality of the book, videophones enjoyed enormous initial popularity but then after a few months, most people gave it up. Why the switch back to voice? The answer, in a kind of trivalent nutshell, is: (1) emotional stress, (2) physical vanity, and (3) a certain […]

Future Perfect » Brands That Don’t Travel So Well

via How brands adapt to different cultural contexts fascinates me. Look at McDonald’s regional variations for instance.

The Second Coming Of The Amateur Blogosphere – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

The basic truth is that amateurs are often as good as professionals in journalism, which requires simply basic skills, integrity and practice. In the end, newspapers will be super-advertizing vehicles, searching for the best existing blogs out there and aggregating them. In a way, that’s already the Dish model. The sources come to you. via […]

Daring Fireball: iPhone 4 Impressions and Observations

Google remains the default search engine in iOS 4, but on all the demo phones in the hands-on area for the media, the search engine was set to Bing. via An empty gesture… check out Scoble for his informed analysis of how iPhone 4 changes the competitive dynamics of the smartphone market. I’m most […]

Language Log » Dialect geography and social networks

via This reminded me of a few things. The first is this article from the Chronicle of Higher Education about computational literature. The second is the Hacks/Hackers movement that links journalists and coders.

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