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The Second Coming Of The Amateur Blogosphere – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

The basic truth is that amateurs are often as good as professionals in journalism, which requires simply basic skills, integrity and practice. In the end, newspapers will be super-advertizing vehicles, searching for the best existing blogs out there and aggregating them. In a way, that’s already the Dish model. The sources come to you.

I love the Dish. It’s model is clearly different than the majority of news blogs out there– no comments, little original reporting, only subtle snark. But the aggregation and insight it provides are incredible.


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The past, present, and future of making the WordPress Editor work for editors

Presented originally in 2017 at WordCamp Baltimore and adapted for this weekend’s WordCamp Lancaster.


The people you meet at WordCamp

Last weekend I presented at WordCamp Lancaster and had a great time. When I did this last time, I wrote about driving route 30 (the historic Lincoln Highway), but this year I wanted to spotlight a few other attendees, as it’s the people that make WordCamp worth attending. And really, it’s the people that make WordPress and other open source communities so special.


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