Finally, A Smart Alternative to the AP « Breaking Media

Publish2’s NewsExchange allows digital media outlets, like ours, to set up newsfeeds to which newspapers can subscribe. So this Sunday, two stories from AOL’s Daily Finance blog appeared in the print version of the Daily Telegram, a newspaper in Michigan. They didn’t cost the publisher anything, since Publish2 functions as a a welcome departure from the steep fees the AP charges its partner newspapers. It’s all currently free, though Publish2 says it is working to create a marketplace that will monetize the flow of news through its system.

I’m really thrilled that the NewsExchange has been such a strong early success for the Publish2 team. I met a bunch of young journo-geeks at BCNI: Philly this spring. They knew this was coming then, but didn’t spill any details at the time.

Posted Jun. 9 2010, 1:38 am