Future Perfect » 7 Tips for Surviving the Airport Taxi

  • Call the hotel and work out the cost of a taxi before stepping in the ride
  • Sitting in the front seat lowers the barrier between driver and passenger and makes it easier to read and project body language
  • Appear in the know: use your mobile phone or pretend to, communicate with someone local
  • Be more than just an anonymous passenger: offer up a piece of gum or share a cigarette, talk
  • Project confidence: regardless of whether you speak Hindi/Russian/Portugese speak positively about anything – your body language will communicate more than what is spoken
  • Don’t accept other passengers in the car
  • Always pick the driver – never let the driver pick you

Good travel tips from one of my favorite technologists– Jan Chipchase, who used to be a chief researcher for Nokia but is now with Frog Design.

Posted Jun. 9 2010, 4:58 pm