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Wish List for EditFlow

For the past year or so, Onward State has used a WordPress plugin called EditFlow to add a newsroom style structure to the backend of our website. The plugin gives us the ability to create groups based on role, such as Copy Editors or Sports Writers, and automate notifications when posts are submitted for copy-editing review. It’s really been a terrific tool for the organization.

One of the developers noticed the other day when I tweeted:

And responded:

Now the emails I got from EditFlow were in no way an error that resulted from the design of the plugin. They were definitely something I should have predicted and prevented. I was setting up a test server for the launch of Onward State’s new design/platform and imported our content archive to populate the database. I had forgotten that EditFlow was enabled on the system and that I had set up a few test accounts with real user account information. So when the posts were processed, automatic email notifications were trigged for each of them.

However, I’m still going to take the opportunity to respond to the developers of my favorite WordPress plugin. Honestly, nothing even begins to replicate the functionality EditFlow creates and I’ve found it to be an essential tool in imbuing our organization with some print-inspired editorial structure. I’m excited to have the opportunity to weigh in on where it should go in the future.

So, without further ado, here is my wish list for EditFlow:

  • Action-triggered email notifications, i.e. send Copy Editors a notification when a post is saved as Pending Review.
  • Category-triggered email notifications, i.e. the ability to associate categories with a group of users.
  • A better post meta box, namely the ability to set an option “Needs Art” and create a notification that triggers based on that option (so we can let photographers know if a certain post is missing an illustration).
  • A better post-by-post discussion system. Comments aren’t instantaneous enough for what we do! I remember telling Dan last spring that what I really wanted was automatically created Google Waves for each post… don’t think he took me that seriously :)… probably a good call too, seeing as how Google is pulling the plug and all.

Dan, Scott: I hope this helps! Everyone else: start using EditFlow!

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