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Day: September 2, 2010

On Camera Lucky Strikes

via I’ve heard that they are actually clove cigarettes.

Embracing Original Content  | American Journalism Review

“The technology works for us,” AOL’s Eun says. “We don’t work for the technology.” via He’s referencing content farms, but another insight the quote provides is that these next generation content companies are developing their platforms as quickly as any other tech start-up.

Out of the Western Sky: It’s a Hyperlocal, Worldwide Mormon Vertical! | Newsonomics

Start with several cups full of daily newspaper and broadcast types. Take a teaspoon of the Christian Science Monitor. Add in a dash of HuffPo spice. Ladle a tablespoon of Demand Media into the mix. Borrow ingredients from two Washington D.C. news companies, the 143-year-old Washington Post and the one-month-old Now, into the hyperchange […]

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