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Day: October 10, 2010

Google’s Self-Driving Cars

via This is so awesome.

Facebook Groups Is Sort Of Like Google Wave For Human Beings

But I actually think Facebook has broader ambitions with Groups too. My guess is that it’s a short-terms solution to a long term idea. That idea is that sharing will rule the web. Facebook needs a way to get people comfortable with sharing. And how do you do that? By letting you do it with […]

Future Perfect » What Newspapers Have Become

via Love Jan Chipchase. It’d be so cool to have his job.

Smarter Than You Think – Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic –

The program is also a departure from the mainstream of innovation in Silicon Valley, which has veered toward social networks and Hollywood-style digital media. via Seems like Google might just be getting started on its eventual growth as a corporation. Eventually one of these side projects is going to take off and Google will […]

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