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Day: September 29, 2015

đź“– Book Review

Ready Player One

I was on a sci-fi kick after finishing The Martian, so Ready Player One seemed like a great followup. A dystopian, software-as-life, 80’s-guided hero is followed through his journey from the slums to the CEO chair by way of an immersive, all-encompassing MMORPG. The art of a master author, Ready Player One puts the reader into a made-up […]

đź“– Book Review

The Kennedy Brothers

The Kennedy Brothers was my first in-depth exposure to the history of Bobby and Jack Kennedy, even though I had been “aware” of them in a basic way. The book was a startling and compelling dual-portrait, a study of two men so connected, yet so different – and both destined for doom. What this book offers is […]

đź“– Book Review

The Martian

As with many Hollywood adaptations, reading The Martian before viewing the Matt Damon version allows a different relationship with astronaut Mark Watney than you obtain otherwise. Written in a voice almost bloggy (his medium being a space log), Watney’s updates can roll from near-death to near-monotonous but they always maintain a voice, an urge to communicate and not […]

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