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Day: July 28, 2016

📖 Book Review

The Johnstown Flood

David McCullough won me over long over ago, so I was stunned to find that his first work was actually my favorite one yet. The Johnstown Flood is an epic story, the bursting of a dam built by millionaires outside a scrappy and quickly growing working class town, built alongside two rivers and that huge […]

📖 Book Review

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

I guess it was overdue to read Peter Drucker. Written in the 80’s, he deftly laid out a theory of self-disruption as a function of management – namely, the work of innovation. And it is work. Most organizations lose their innovative spirit after founders move along. But as a company, this fantastic modern vehicle, we […]

📖 Book Review

Why Information Grows

Cesar Hidalgo takes information as James Gleick did and puts it into a physical embodiment. Being physical, information suddenly has to exist despite the laws of thermodynamics. Suddenly the sweet spot of planet Earth being so temperate elicits a yet greater reverence for the perseverance of life. Life took an embodiment of information in so many ways, […]

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