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Day: December 26, 2016

đź“– Book Review

Time Travel: A History

James Gleick wrote one of my favorite books ever – The Information – and so it was an easy decision to purchase his latest, Time Travel: A History. The book flirts with the physics but focuses on the cultural history of technology-assisted time travel, which Gleick documents as originating in the 1800’s, propelled out of the ether […]

đź“– Book Review

But What If We’re Wrong?

What a fun read! Klosterman, he of cocoa puffs and sex fame, writes with such verve in But What If We’re Wrong? that you feel as if you’re right there alongside him for his interrogation of various too-close-to-question beliefs – gravity, liberal democracy, the best rock-and-roll musician, etc. Klosterman doesn’t necessarily bring historical weight to his book, […]

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