Lawrenceville School graduation, June 1900

Getting ready for Lville reunion weekend, I was poking at some archives refreshing myself. I put together the serendipity of a clip from 1900.

Remember that Teddy Roosevelt’s path to the White House had a crescendo in June 1900 when he entered the Hotel Walton at Broad & Locust to great fanfare. TR arrived the evening of June 18.

The next day approximately 40 miles away, a friend of TR, Colonel John J. McCook, was giving the commencement speech at Lawrenceville.

Next day the Philadelphia Inquirer had a special report quoting the address:

Why does the great Republican Convention in Philadelphia to-day want Rough Rider Roosevelt for the Vice Presidency but for this very reason? We need more rough riders who have the knack of keeping their balance; men who can spur ahead when the occasion demands and effect the potentialities of the moment.

Here’s the clip (page 4, June 20 1900).

Posted Apr. 29 2017, 5:02 pm