Weekend hack: POUND-like tracking strings

See here for more current information on this project.

Tried to get a proof of concept of POUND-like tracking strings going yesterday.

Used Create React App to get going quick, and for now I’ve stuffed the logic client-side. Most code lies within App.js for now and yes I am aware there are secrets in there (using Firebase for hosting and database).

This whole thing can doubtless be improved in umpteen ways, but at least it serves as a proof of concept for tracking users in a networked manner.

I’m going to post on a few social networks with a link to the demo. Hopefully it makes the visualization more interesting :). You can see my first take here.

Update 6/20: I’ve swapped the UUID for browser fingerprints. The dark side is fun! This means that I can identify specific users without cookies. Identifying a user across devices would still be a challenge, but this is a good step.

Posted Jun. 11 2017, 10:17 am