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La Colombe raising some prices, just please don’t touch the sparkling water

Quick note after stopping at the Dilworth-adjacent La Colombe this morning. Prices on some drinks, cappuccinos for example, will be raised next Wednesday September 6. Exact prices weren’t ready yet, at least at the counter, but it sounds like iced coffee will be unaffected by this round of price increases (currently $3 for a draft coffee and $3.50 for a draft latte).

I’m fine with higher prices on the espresso drinks (I stick to the iced coffee) and I respect that La Colombe has kept their prices reasonable. Also, Todd Carmicheal is a badass.

My one request to La Colombe: Please keep that sparkling water flowing! My favorite coffee shop in State College, Saint’s Cafe, began charging 50¢ for a small glass of that carbonated H2O and it really killed my vibe. It’s a small touch but for me it’s a major part of the experience. (The picture on this post features an iconic Saint’s cup.)

By the way, another big part of the experience is the lack of wifi. Check out this thread from a few years ago about the lack of wifi in their stores… Much ❤.

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