First-ever New York Times brand book? And a new mission statement

Brand books. Kinda like mission statements, but in a book and with more slogans. I don’t know who started the trend. Maybe Facebook.

The Facebook little red book seems self-parody now, but I actually love it. Reminds me of the graphical Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and collaborator Quentin Fiore.

The latest company to release a brand book? The New York Times. Tweeted this morning by Chief Technology Office Nick Rockwell:

I’m trying to contemplate what the brand brain trust/board had in mind with this mission statement: “We enhance society by directing attention to what matters, without fear or favor”. There’s a whiff of Brandeis’ sunlight and disinfectant in the idea of “directing attention” as the institution’s key function.

I’d love to read the whole document, feel free to email me (anonymously if you wish) at [email protected]

Posted Sep. 6 2017, 12:06 pm