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Anyone remember FriendFeed? Aol Lifestream?

Dave Winer and I have been chatting about some publishing ideas recently and he asked/nudged/forced me to ask my question in the open. I’m game, so here’s a slightly modified version of an email I had sent him recently.

I had a nice time setting up Dave’s project PagePark and alas just wish I had more time to dig in. Gotta put all those dormant domains to better use :).

The Deploybot/Beanstalk integration is neat by the way, glad to post a video if anyone is interested, I’m happy with the time to live for changes after confirming they work locally.

I wanted to ask about Instant Dave. I’m really intrigued by the desktop combined feed idea and hoping Dave shares some advice on rolling my own.

Does anyone remember the Aol product called Lifestream? I’m almost sure you don’t :). It was like FriendFeed, which was a bit more well known, although acquired earlier, basically just an aggregator.

Instant Dave reminds me of that but personal. It seems like you could network them somehow too, I am interested to hear Dave’s thoughts on that. Networked though, not in a public sense… I guess OPML is the reference here, bundled is the right word. Bundles of bundles? Google Circles (gasp) actually had some things right about our social lives, we are members of a bunch of public spheres/circles.

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Old but new to me.

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