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Life news: I got a dog


Setting up PagePark to corral my unused domains

Like many of you, I’ve got a bad habit of buying domain names with a loose plan to use them in the future. Highlights from my NameCheap account:


Dave Winer had told me about his project PagePark recently, and it seemed like a good fit for my unused pile of domains. As Dave describes the tool, “Think of it as a nice park where you keep your pages.”

For hosting this park of pages, I ended up using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for the first time. I thought about using the ec2 micro that handles docker containers for a couple other apps, but vanilla ec2 micros aren’t supported with DeployBot as well as Beanstalk applications. (DeployBot is a Philly-based deployment services that I started using recently, after we switched to it at Alley for handling our deployments. So far I’m pleased; formerly I had used

Here are the steps I took.

  • Private fork (clone) of pagePark – just want the option to keep secrets in there.
  • Followed the readme
  • Updated gitignore so I’m not version-controlling stats or node_modules.
  • Changed the port to 8081, the default for Node apps on Beanstalk
  • Added my first domain folder and a minimal index.html
  • Pointed the domain to Beanstalk server using CNAME entries
  • Deployed for the first time

My goal is to reduce the number of steps it takes me to spinup a new site/domain. Here’s what the update/deployment process will be now.

  • Purchase domain
  • Point CNAME at Beanstalk server
  • Add folder to repository
  • Commit changes

Here’s what my domain folder looks like currently.

Dave is also working on Public Folder, which is a related project and more consumer friendly than pagePark. But if you’re like me and like to tinker with things, that extra bit of effort up front can be totally worth it. Compared to hosting on Github or S3, pagePark allows other JS scripts to be used for rendering sites, I think that’ll come in handy someday.

Sorry that this post is more technical than usual but I wanted to share what I did in case other devs find it valuable.

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Less, More, and None

My friend Ethan shared his Less, More, and None list (inspired by Jacoby Young). Cool idea, thought I’d give it a try. Always good to remind yourself of your better aspirations.

Lenfest Institute and Digital First Media?

Notes on dynamic meters

Notes on newsletters

Notes on the membership model for news


Capturing Shawmont Station before its $1,000,000 preservation begins – the oldest extant passenger rail station in America

Originally a 18′ by 36′ stone house (Wissahickon Schist), the structure wouldn’t have stood out from the other country homes in this part of Philadelphia, at the tip of the Manayunk Reach, situated at the end of today’s Manayunk Canal Towpath.

Testing WordPress Gutenberg on a high volume news site

Water, sand, and societal change

The best restaurant? Matunuck Oyster Bar

Does Perry Raso run the best restaurant? Yes, I think he does.

EverQuote and patent medicine

In a thread begun October 2016, Washington Post technology director Aram Zucker-Scharff tweeted about the shady advertising practices of EverQuote, a Boston-based startup. Since then these ads have become prolific on the web (and nearly as prolific are Aram’s tweets documenting the malfeasance).

Lenfest Institute and Digital First Media?

What if Alden let another organization manage its newspaper assets as a blind trust? It would lose a great deal of flexibility in using DFM assets to leverage other companies it owns, but it would be able to wash its hands of the growing public relations crisis. Furthermore, it would give space for the strategic direction of DFM to be explored and pursued without the added baggage of hedge fund cross-percolation.

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