RebelMouse’s Paul Berry on Facebook feed changes and other topics

Last week Paul Berry, CEO/Founder of RebelMouse, took to Facebook Live with some insights about digital media, and specifically Facebook.

Most interesting to me were Berry’s statements about the Facebook algorithm changes. He says that Facebook is monitoring the ads you’re placing on the website, as well as upping the penalties and rewards for page speed and server response time, and that they’ve dramatically changed the rules on what advertising is allowed. Berry sees this as continued struggle with Google over controlling the future of the Internet, adding that DFP has not helped the user experience get better. On the other hand, he thinks the ad experience in Instant Articles is “quite good”.

Berry’s explanation helps contextualize the recent industry-level drop in Facebook traffic as a percentage of overall traffic. has a good dashboard illustrating this trend. Facebook had announced this move August 1 and the impact was almost immediate. The upside here is that despite the network-level dip in Facebook’s relative share of traffic, this may be recoverable by further investment in fast-loading pages and user-respectful advertisements.

Posted Dec. 4 2017, 7:23 am