Decemberists release Ben Franklin’s Song (written by Lin Manuel Miranda)

And it is SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! I mean…

I said, early to bed, bitches, early to rise
They make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise

Take a minute to listen now. Or, read the lyrics.

The band shared background on their blog:

Well, it happens that Mr. Miranda reached out to our own Colin Meloy to put music to a set of lyrics that had been written for HAMILTON but had never been used: a first-person introduction to one of the US’s founding fathers, Mr. Benjamin Franklin. Lin said that he’d wanted to include Franklin as a character in the show initially, but it just never quite worked something about not wanting to remove the audience more than once from the action taking place in our nascent United States. Funnily enough, he said he’d imagined Franklin singing in a sort of Decemberist-y way, whatever that means.

Of course, the song reminds me of my friend Chris Kuncio, who moonlights as Young Ben Franklin. Here’s his response (in character) to Alexander Hamilton’s recent fame.

Chris was also featured on Fox29 recently.

In closing: Lin Manuel should hire Chris and get this full-scale Franklin prequel underway. With the Decemberists as the backing band, naturally. A boy can dream…

Posted Dec. 16 2017, 8:22 am