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The new normal and debunking Borrell’s latest (“The end of digital is near”)

Leading Editor & Publisher this morning, Gordon Borrell has a click-bait column titled, Could the end be near for digital?

Please, do not change your strategy based on this latest hype.

Borrell’s premise seems to be that as digital growth in local digital advertising has slowed, digital advertising has reached its zenith. But buried past his explosive headline…

So, yeah, the end is near, but it’s not going to be a return to the past by any means. What we’re soon likely to see is an end to more than two decades of growth in the part of “digital media” that’s been most damaging to print and broadcast companies: the migration of ad dollars.

Sure, it might be relatively calm today. Mobile was wild over the past decade! Perhaps that disruptive period is coming to an end. But guess what? Voice is next. Or maybe AR. Or maybe something else. While the period of extreme growth and shifting in mobile digital may be momentarily over, it’s a logical leap to think that we are close to stability in the marketplace. Whiplash is the new normal.

It’s not clear what advice Borrell is offering to publishers, other than the general advice of maintaining local relationships (rule #1, folks).

If anything, we are seeing the end of the BEGINNING of digital. The party is just getting started!

Please, if your publisher forwards Borrell’s column to you today: Forward them to me!

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