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Did Temple Men’s Basketball coach Fran Duphy accuse Penn State coach Pat Chambers of dirty recruiting?

Tomorrow Penn State men’s basketball will play the Temple squad in the first round of the NIT.

But when the teams meet, there may be additional drama off the court.

As’s Ben Jones reported, the controversy began Sunday evening when 247Sport’s Temple blog, OwlsDaily, posted a quote from a Dunphy:

I know that (Penn State Coach) Patrick Chambers made a special move to make that happen as best as he possibly could. They worked hard at it. And most of the guys that he recruited, we also recruited. And I feel really good about how we recruit, and how we go about doing what we do. And nobody will be as sincere and honest and as to the point in recruiting as Temple will be.

So Penn State pulls a “special move” while Temple is “sincere and honest”. And Dunphy feels “good” about how he recruits.

Yes folks, I had to write about this. Because of the implication.

An anonymous account responded to OwlsDaily, sharing an even more specific claim of improper recruiting:

As Ben Jones noted in the piece, this type of accusatory rumor runs rampant in recruiting forums, especially with mainline powerhouse like Villanova and the other Big Five schools rationalizing how Penn State’s program could snag Philly recruits from under their noses.

As reporters contacted Temple’s SID on Monday and Tuesday, the Owls’ spox responded that Dunphy’s comments had been misinterpreted and that the Penn State coaching staff “deserve a lot of credit for how they have recruited Philadelphia.”

But. However. Hrm. In that case, what exactly was the “special move”? Does Dunphy think that Pat Chambers has reason to not feel good about his recruiting tactics? I’ll be watching closely how this story develops in the coming day.

Follow @OnwardState and @StateCollegeCom for more updates as this story develops.

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