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Life news: I got a dog


The best restaurant? Matunuck Oyster Bar

Does Perry Raso run the best restaurant? Yes, I think he does.

Matunuck Oyster Bar is located in South Kingston, RI, alongside Potter’s Pond, one of the deepest salt water basins in Rhode Island (formed by a glacier like so many of our best lakes). 

Raso has been farming oysters since 2002, and his ties to the industry go back to childhood. I got to tour the operation today before lunch and I was blown away at his knowledge and passion for aquaculture, an increasingly important part of the international food supply. Seafood is the second largest import to the US after energy.

Raso rents the water for his farm from the government at about $150/acre in a 15 year lease. In the time he’s been in the industry he’s seen it grow from a couple dozen farmers to nearly 100. Yet Raso’s product remains in as high demand as ever, and his business is limited only by his ability to grow oysters. Thankfully he takes no shortcuts along the way, and while he can lose up to half his crop from natural pests and attrition, the resulting bounty is well worth the effort—-at least in the opinion of this reviewer!

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It’s time for Philadelphia to put a Lenfest statue in the Courtyard at City Hall

A statue should be erected in Gerry Lenfest’s honor at City Hall to remind future generations of this man who made it his mission to give away as much wealth as possible before he died.

EverQuote and patent medicine

In a thread begun October 2016, Washington Post technology director Aram Zucker-Scharff tweeted about the shady advertising practices of EverQuote, a Boston-based startup. Since then these ads have become prolific on the web (and nearly as prolific are Aram’s tweets documenting the malfeasance).

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