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30 ways Philly media could fight gun violence

  1. Collaborate to write a first-class obituary for every gun violence victim.
  2. Ask reporters to spend their days working from diners in affected areas.
  3. Publish a daily scorecard on the frontpage detailing the previous day’s incidents.
  4. Do the same on the homepage.
  5. And Twitter!
  6. Establish a weekly cross-newsroom gun violence coverage coordination meeting.
  7. Create opportunity for journalists on all desks to write about gun violence topics.
  8. Design an event to convene policy experts and community stakeholders around focused brainstorming and discussion regarding gun violence prevention.
  9. Invite journalists from similar cities—Chicago, Detroit, LA—to share what’s worked best in their communities.
  10. Give a free digital subscription to any Philly school student who writes a post about how gun violence affects them.
  11. Organize a careers expo(s) for affected areas.
  12. Offer internships & fellowships designed for high school students and college students who have a personal interest in gun violence prevention.
  13. Establish community-focused beat on issues of anger and toxic masculinity.
  14. Create safe spaces for affected communities to share their frustration and anger with civic leaders.
  15. Hire a public editor who can credibly assess concerns such as disproportionate coverage of Center City crimes.
  16. Methodically followup on gun violence incidents to better understand the long-term trauma incurred by victims and witnesses.
  17. Encourage publisher to measure success by capacity to make an impact, as opposed to measuring by reach.
  18. Sponsor firearm training for any journalist who is interested.
  19. Shoehorn gun violence slant into existing grant-funded reporting initiatives, such as the the Reentry Coalition or Kensington News Project.
  20. “Manage upwards” by offering fact-driven perspectives to national outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times in hopes of driving national conversation.
  21. Partner with celebrities tied to the area on social-friendly PSA-style video content.
  22. Grant 5% time to newsroom employees for volunteering in the community (2 hours/week) through programs that expose them to non-traditional newspaper audiences with a specific focus on youth in affected areas.
  23. Partner with local artists to remix archival content for new works about gun violence prevention.
  24. Sponsor contests to solicit low-cost interventions for vacant lots.
  25. Subsidize and encourage staff to be trained as Acute Trauma Responders.
  26. Create a tool that makes it easy for Philadelphians to express views on gun policy to state legislators.
  27. Identify a sponsor to pay for postage to mail free gun locks to anyone who wants one.
  28. Institute brown bag series to educate newsroom by bringing in experts on all aspects of gun violence: prevention, trauma, etc.
  29. Engage PowerCorpsPHL or Fair Chance Hiring to find roles for recently incarcerated individuals.
  30. Create a Facebook group for moderated discussion around the topic that involves community members, journalists, and other stakeholders.

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