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Evolution’s Bite

If the mouth is the window to the body, Peter Ungar’s Evolution’s Bite posits that prehistory teeth are a window into the bodies that came before us – our evolutionary antecedents.

Ungar’s book rests on the concept of a foodprint: looking at the tooth surface in microscopic detail to see how the surface fractured, dented, or was otherwise affected by food in the final months of the specimen’s life. The patterns in this microwear reveal details about diet. Ungar stresses that what an individual eats in a given period might not always be what they were evolved to eat. This is certainly catching up with us now in the age of sugars and other carbs, which our teeth aren’t evolved to protect against. Good read if you like to ????.

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Real publishers, real problems, real opportunities

Here is a copy of my presentation and prepared remarks from WordCamp for Publishers 2019 in Columbus.

Chris Gethard & Mal Blum – Crying At The Wawa (Official Video)

Old but new to me.

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