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Life news: I got a dog


Philadelphia’s Lost Waterfront

Few books have made me reconsider a city historically like Philadelphia’s Lost Waterfront – by walking through the Delaware waterfront block-by-block, Kyriakodis reveals a Philadelphia that none of us knew; and parts that not even our ancestors’ ancestors would have experienced. From early settlement caves along the river to the creation of Water Street and later Delaware Ave, the book makes an amble down the waterfront so much richer to experience.

Some of my favorite highlights were the Church of St. John’s, a church that used to float on the water; the original waterfront steps, only one of which exists today; and the Blue Anchor Tavern, which was to be situated at the top of one of those steps (to a great deal of inebriated misfortune as you might expect).

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Vox Media licenses Chorus to Sun-Times; take a look at what the backend’s like

The team at Vox Media deserves all the snaps for its work on Chorus, the once-mythical “unicorn” content management system that does just about everything a digital publisher could want.

EverQuote and patent medicine

In a thread begun October 2016, Washington Post technology director Aram Zucker-Scharff tweeted about the shady advertising practices of EverQuote, a Boston-based startup. Since then these ads have become prolific on the web (and nearly as prolific are Aram’s tweets documenting the malfeasance).

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