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Through his mailing list, Robin Sloan gave away a few copies of his new novel, Sourdough. I guessed one of the lowest primes (409, natch) and was lucky to receive one. What a treat! I blazed through the book over the course of a day.

Sloan uses the temporal flexibility of a futurist-historian to tell a story of food, culture, and technology. Like in my hometown friend Derek Dellinger’s year on fermented food, the miracle of living food plays a key role in the narrative, which as you might expect hinges on sourdough.

The novel falls short of science fiction primarily because technology caught up to us; Sloan living on the vanguard in the Bay Area captures the emergent present. All said, a delight to read and I’m sad it’s over!

You can read a bit more about the book here.

And do preorder.

Update 6/23: I learned about Alice Waters after reading Sourdough, but she totally inspired one of the characters! Cool.

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The past, present, and future of making the WordPress Editor work for editors

Presented originally in 2017 at WordCamp Baltimore and adapted for this weekend’s WordCamp Lancaster.


The people you meet at WordCamp

Last weekend I presented at WordCamp Lancaster and had a great time. When I did this last time, I wrote about driving route 30 (the historic Lincoln Highway), but this year I wanted to spotlight a few other attendees, as it’s the people that make WordCamp worth attending. And really, it’s the people that make WordPress and other open source communities so special.


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