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Life news: I got a dog


Start with Why

Simon Sinek’s Start with Why looks at how that approach empowers leaders to “inspire” action, in a way that’s different than incentivizing or prodding action. Not dissimilar from what we might call “mission-driven”, these why-driven organizations are typically able to retain more motivated employees and more loyal customers.

Sinek also mentions some companies that have been accused of losing their why’s – Walmart and Microsoft for example. Apple, too, has had to work hard at delivering “revolutions” to its customers while also being the world’s most valuable company.

Sinek’s conclusion is that all leaders must have two things: “they must have a vision of the world that does not exist and they must have the ability to communicate it.” Good reading!

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Publishing, privilege, and noblesse oblige

H.L. Mencken’s “Life of Kings” quote does the industry a disservice and in this column I argue that publishers should use an older framework, noblesse oblige, to better understand their social obligation.

Chris Gethard & Mal Blum – Crying At The Wawa (Official Video)

Old but new to me.

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