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Life news: I got a dog


Washington: A Life

George Washington seems simultaneously the most iconic of American presidents, but also most inscrutable. A true hero of the Revolution, Washington’s legacy became one of the first truly American myths.

Ron Chernow’s Washington: A Life does not fracture the implacable edifice Washington constitutes today, but the book does a great deal to humanize exactly which virtues this ambitious Virginia planter cultivated on his path to greatness. In a phrase, self-control; it was the trait that ingratiated him to older patricians before and during his early days in the French and Indian War, leading to the military credibility and “known quantity” factor that enabled him to receive such power in the early federal government.

What’s more, at least from the time he received his continental command, Washington seems to have realized his own historic significance; from the attention to his archives to his measured demurral of the Presidency and constant yearning for the pastoral life on Mt. Vernon, he seems a man who stood separate from the whims and fancies of his contemporaries. If only his views on slavery had progressed more quickly it would be hard to litigate a single complaing against this first American President.

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Notes on dynamic meters

A new type of paywall model is emerging: The dynamic meter.


Notes on newsletters

Notes on the membership model for news

Penn State Campuses Lose University Recognition After Risk Analysis Review

The past, present, and future of making the WordPress Editor work for editors


Water, sand, and societal change

What do you know about fluid dynamics? I’ll be honest, my understand is lay at best. But what little I know is still instructive for understanding ~~SOCIETAL CHANGE~~.


As in restaurants so in news

Notes on dynamic meters

A new type of paywall model is emerging: The dynamic meter.


Fairmount Park Trolley Trail (history and maps)

Nestled within West Fairmount Park–at times mere feet away from the Schuykill Expressway–there exist the remains of a sprawling and once-vital transportation system of the 20th century.


On Henri Rousseau, age, and naivety

A 2009 visit to the Barnes Museum in Lower Merion introduced me to Rousseau, whose style I instantly adored and whose story I came to respect.


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