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? Philly Free Streets: North Broad Street

Great weather for Philly Free Streets, which is happening until 1pm today. Broad Street is open from City Hall to Erie Ave.

Turns out my favorite McLuhan quote is actually a Churchill quote

McLuhan's famous phrase in fact stems from an earlier and similar witticism by Winston Churchill.

Col. McCormick, publisher and rock collector

My second time in Chicago, and again I'm awed by the Tribune Tower. Not just the architecture and the scale, but those freaking rocks.

Apple releases MapKit JS just as Google Maps pricing about to change

Starting July 16, the cost of using Google Maps at scale will increase substantially, so perhaps it's no coincidence that Apple quietly introduced MapKit JS amidst last week's Worldwide Developers Conference. It's very possible that I'm missing a key assumption or two in this modeling, butĀ if the pricing differences are even close to the scenario presented above, we are witnessing a tectonic shift in maps as service.

Testing WordPress Gutenberg on a high volume news site

Last Thursday I activated GutenbergĀ and the Classic Editor on Since Friday just over half of the 33 posts published have gone through the Gutenberg editor. In that time I have started to gather some feedback about the editorial experience. Note that I did this without any documentation of the tool, I just switched it to be the default and waited to see what happened.

Shoutout to Elizabeth Cotton

It's black history month and as I was listening to music this morning, I looked up the history of Elizabeth Cotton. She deserves a shoutout.

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