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Life news: I got a dog


Category: Riffs

Those “www2” links explained: Testing on the Washington Post’s Arc has begun

Why do users now see "www2" whenever navigating to a article page?

Translation of Ben Franklin’s 1731 Apology for Printers into modern vernacular

Ben Franklin's 1731 Apology for Printers, translated into modern vernacular.

Automattic needs to rebalance its hate speech & free speech/copyright protections as soon as possible

Matt Mullenweg has been on the right side of history for most of his life. Open source, blogging, distributed teams – these are transformative ideas.

Facebook group admins are the new news editors

These Facebook group admins serve a function nearly identical to that of the now-endangered newspaper editor.

How a realty company changed the name of one of Philly’s oldest streets

Although the architect (and everyone else throughout history) refers to the alley as "Littleboys Court", PMC calls it "Little Boys Court".

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