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It’s time for Philadelphia to put a Lenfest statue in the Courtyard at City Hall

A statue should be erected in Gerry Lenfest's honor at City Hall to remind future generations of this man who made it his mission to give away as much wealth as possible before he died.

WhereBy.Us co-founder Rebekah Monson on millennials and media

DO watch this video from TEDxLSU on how millennials are disrupting shit in cities.

Those “www2” links explained: Testing on the Washington Post’s Arc has begun

Why do users now see "www2" whenever navigating to a article page?

Retrograde progressivism at the Philly papers

The Philly spirit that embodied the Philly papers as I came to love them—typified by a pugnacious progressiveness and ceaseless city desks—is at risk as the Philadelphia Media Network arches towards business models, still unproven, in hopes the papers and their people can outlive dead tree editions.

Steve Bannon argues for data trust, says big tech will be top issue by 2020

Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources newsletter is a must-read for me, and I thought his interview with Steve Bannon was especially interesting today.

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