Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Who knew that Philadelphia had one of the world’s best collections of racing sports cars. I was down at the Wildlife Refuge today and saw this museum was nearby.

The setting was what you’d expect down by the airport but the collection inside really exceeded my expectations. Here’s a quick tour.

The workshop in the museum.

1907 Renault Racer – 11 models made, 4 known to exist.

Only surviving of three 1936 Bugatti 57G “Tank” sports cars, winner of the 1937 Le Mans.

1938 Peugeot Darl’mat, made special for Le Mans. This car has 4 reverse speeds.

One of four cars to race the Grand Prix at Le Mans in 1921. The car would also win second place at the Indianapolis 500 in 1922.

Not a comfy interior for modern NASCAR.