Local bike maps on Mac desktops

I've been asked on several recent occasions – "Do you work in GIS?" Read more

How we work today

At SRCCON, I got to facilitate a conversation about distributed work practices with the amazing Steph Yiu, who leads a team within Automattic's WordPress VIP organization. How you work, and what you want in your communication, depends on your role and personality. We structured this workshop to explore these questions. Our takeaway? Everyone's different – just be intentional and thoughtful in your communication choices, and you'll be fine. Read more

Notes from a flash talk not yet given

SRCCON was amazing. I might write more about it, but for now I just wanted to post the slides I put together for a demo night flash talk. Unfortunately due to a dongle issue with my Macbook, I couldn't present the deck to the crowd in Heritage Hall, but I still wanted to share them. Read more

Jun. 28, 11:49 am

Ethiopian coffee
Win/Win Coffee Bar

My note to Thunderdome

This is the note I shared with Thunderdome colleagues on Wednesday morning, after the Nieman Lab piece came out and just prior to hearing this in person from CEO John Paton. Stored here for posterity. Read more

New York Times Editorial: The Sandusky Rape Verdict

This afternoon, the New York Times published an editorial regarding Judge Cleland's sentencing of Jerry Sandusky. It is not their first. The editorial board took a harsh stance not just against Sandusky, but against Penn State's current leadership as well. Read more

Playboy, 1964: Alvin Toffler Interviews Nabokov

Pointed out by Evgeny Morozov, the conversation places one of America's great futurists opposite the brilliant novelist Vladimir Nabokov for a wide-ranging discussion that took place not long after Kubrick's interpretation of Lolita was released. Topics included: lepidoptery, Hemingway, the writing process, languages, and God. Read more

Penn State Chooses ANGEL for LMS after Evaluation Process

Today Blackboard released the official announcement regarding Penn State's decision to remain with ANGEL. Read more

The Middle School Philly

The guys at The School Philly today proved, once again, why they might be more accurately named The Middle School Philly (credit to that moniker goes to Dennis Shea). Read more