How Jeff Bezos _might_ eventually takeover local news

Local doesn't scale, been true for a while now but not so in the historical sense. Frank Gannett, Walter Annenberg, and William Randolph Hearst would all have contended otherwise. Have you ever wondered whether Jeff Bezos might want the same? Read more

Washington’s Tent at the new Museum of the American Revolution

Tourists to Philadelphia have a new "must see" stop: The just-opened Museum of the American Revolution located in Old City, Philadelphia. The museum's greatest artifact by far is George Washington's tent. Read more

Morning song

A walking a walking a walking I go.
Off to where I don’t quite know.
A quarter, a token, a loosey would do.
Thank you sir and god bless you.

Summer in Philly

Walking past pyramids of old,
A gee-tar dances on a grave
And I wonder about the city’s soul.
What once was old now is new,
Cleaned and shined up bright.
But underneath these tracks eschewed,
Still lies the same old night.

How did scores of homeless come to live at the Convention Center?