Reading Viaduct site in 1859

The railroad yards of 1859 hadn't yet creeped to Noble Street, although they would quite soon.

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Credit: Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Philly Nostalgia – draft pages

A while ago on Twitter I posted a couple cover designs for a Philly nostalgia idea I've been developing. I've completed some prototype pages now and just wanted to publish them for feedback. Read more

Setting up the Coral Project’s Talk product on AWS

This morning I spent some time kicking the tires on Coral Project's Talk. Comments that don't suck! Read more

Best map of Philly in the Rumsey collection

Stanford University Libraries just launched the Rumsey Collection, a historic archive of thousands of maps. Here's the coolest map of Philadelphia I found in the archive. Read more

Early mention of Lawrenceville in the Inquirer

The last of my L'ville reunion-induced nostalgia (for now). Read more

I might be changing my metric

At Thunderdome, I proposed a core metric that could guide Digital First Media: The cumulative number of years our newsroom have been serving their communities. Read more

A modern Lawrenceville legend: How did the Olla Podrida get a bigger office than The Lawrence?

This past weekend at my 10 year Lawrenceville reunion, I stumbled upon a modern Lawrenceville legend. To the best of my knowledge, this tale hasn't been written or published previously, so I will attempt to do so now. Read more

Trying out Daniel Bachhuber’s new ‘Bylines’ plugin

Daniel's been experimenting with different models for open source and I'm really excited to see how this project develops. Read more