The Platform

There's an idea that's been percolating in the news industry for a while now, The Platform. Trying to pull it out of the ether. Read more

Update on the POUND project

I've been working on a POUND clone and wanted to share how my plan has evolved. Read more

The future of work?

Consider the experience of physically meeting for the first time someone you've known digitally for a while, then imagine that scaled across an organization of 50+ employees. Now you've got a sense of what this year's Alley Interactive meetup entails. Read more

Indian Brook Reservoir

In Vermont for the annual Alley retreat, I snuck out early this morning for a short bike ride to Indian Brook Reservoir, located a few miles from our hotel.

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Philadelphia Electric Company Delaware Station

Nice bike ride yesterday that culminated in walk around the abandoned power station by Penn Treaty Park.

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My digital security setup

A recent news story shocked me into getting my operational security into shape. Here's where I am right now. Read more

Archiving my posts

Archiving two posts on that I wanted to save for posterity. Read more

Could Philly become a publishing capitol again?

Diana Lind, in her recent column for the Philadelphia Citizen, asks: Could Philly become a publishing capitol again? Read more