Blog-debate on XML vs. JSON with @davewiner

If you're reading my blog, odds are you are familiar with Dave Winer already. Dude invented RSS and as his Twitter bio succinctly puts it, he's been blogging as long as there's been blogging. So I wanted to avail his offer for a blog-debate on XML vs. JSON. Read more

The F.F.V.

I've been getting into railroad-themed folk music recently, and wanted to share notes on one song I've grown to love. Read more

Today’s construction on the Reading Viaduct

A steel girder was replaced today on the Reading Viaduct's Callowhill overpass.

Read more

Jeff Koons ‘Train’ – can we get it at the Rail Park?

Didn't know about this project until seeing it on Kottke this week. Jeff Koons had wanted to suspend a full-size replica of a 1943 Baldwin 2900 steam locomotive over the "Spur" of the New York City High Line. Read more

Northern Securities Company formation, 1901

What are the most famous combinations in history? I think Northern Securities has got to be one. Read more