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Water, Sand, and Societal Change

What do you know about fluid dynamics? I'll be honest, my understand is lay at best. But what little I know is still instructive for understanding ~~SOCIETAL CHANGE~~. Read more

The new normal and debunking Borrell’s latest (“The end of digital is near”)

Leading Editor & Publisher this morning, Gordon Borrell has a click-bait column titled Could the end be near for digital? Please, do not change your strategy based on this latest hype. Read more

The proximity paradox

In conversation with a San Franciscan yesterday, I verbalized a proximity paradox that has been on the back of my mind. Read more

As in restaurants so in news

Since radio and TV transformed us into a mass audience, our media too has gravitated towards consolidation. But as in the restaurant industry, it may be possible to elicit a change in consumer behavior. What would it look like to inspire Americans en masse that they should read local? Read more

An ethical argument against Washington Post Arc

Nieman Lab calls ARC's quest "cautious". Perhaps. I have a more skeptical view on the matter. In fact I think there's a reasonable ethical argument against ARC. Read more

The next few years in newspaperland

Some things are happening in the newspaper world that I want to bring to your attention. Read more

Slope fields and community alignment

Motivation requires direction to achieve an outcome. In other words, a vector, a quantity containing both magnitude and direction. Read more

On Henri Rousseau, age, and naivety

A 2009 visit to the Barnes Museum in Lower Merion introduced me to Rousseau, whose style I instantly adored and whose story I came to respect. Read more

My new WordPress build process – Lando, CircleCI, and Pantheon Multidev

I wanted to share my experience with composer workflow on Pantheon. Read more

My next move

Friday was my last day at Alley. At some point in January I will be taking over tech for Onward State and a couple other Lazerpro sites. Read more

The past, present, and future of making the Editor work for editors

Here's my presentation from this year's WordCamp Baltimore. Read more

RebelMouse’s Paul Berry on Facebook feed changes and other topics

Last week Paul Berry, CEO/Founder of RebelMouse, took to Facebook Live with some insights about digital media, and specifically Facebook. Most interesting to me were Berry's statements about the Facebook algorithm changes. Read more