Today in The Platform: What Tim Armstrong learned from Patch

The Platform, the belief that there will be transformative local digital plays in the coming decades. Tim Armstrong's one of the most successful advocates, having taken Patch to Aol when he was named CEO in July 2009 (dear reader, I was there, an intern verging on the drinking age). After the jump, what Armstrong told Peter Kafka. Read more

Setting up PagePark to corral my unused domains

Like many of you, I've got a bad habit of buying domain names with a loose plan to use them in the future. Read more

First-ever New York Times brand book? And a new mission statement

Brand books. We're a company, but a company changing the world. Read more paywall example of reduced ad load

Documenting the paywall rollout so I have notes for the future. Read more paywall geography: Higher article limit for in-market users

First look at the paywall. Launch planncludes free views for these ZIP codes, only 5 free views for the rest. The user experience is okay on first blush, but I haven't had time for a deep dive yet. Read more

WordCamp for Gutenberg?

I bet that the development community could come up with a great solution if we all joined more actively in learning about the problem and working on solutions. What about a WordCamp for Gutenberg? Read more

From the archives: The first mockup of

Ran across this today while working on another post. Read more