Dan Rather’s definition of “news” on Chelsea

Chelsea's show is terrific, and I loved Rather's definition of news in the interview. Read more

Trying out Dave Winer’s new blog tool, 1999, with PhillyGunViolence.com

I've had the domain for a while now and wasn't doing anything with it. For now I'm using it to share links about gun violence and related problems/solutions. Check out my public blog here, or follow along via RSS. Read more

WordPress snippet for ‘do not track’ Twitter widgets

Via Yan, code is on Github, and embedded after the jump. Read more

La Colombe raising some prices, just please don’t touch the sparkling water

Quick note after stopping at the Dilworth-adjacent La Colombe this morning. Prices on some drinks, cappuccinos for example, will be raised next Wednesday September 6. Exact prices weren't ready yet, at least at the counter, but it sounds like iced coffee will be unaffected by this round of price increases (currently $3 for a draft coffee and $3.50 for a draft latte). Read more


Yesterday in a one-on-one, a colleague at Alley told me something insightful; he related my instinct to organize information in a project as a reaction to the inherent entropy of what we do. Client work, agency work, even product work, all these disciplines: the devil is in the details. Read more

Philadelphia streetcar turns in front of the old Bulletin office (1942)

After stumbling onto a few books by Harold E. Cox, I've been scanning some pictures of streetcars in historic Philadelphia.

Read more