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Why last night’s surprise announcement of WordPress 5.0 was a concerning decision by Matt Mullenweg

Last night around 8:30pm, Matt Mullenweg posted to WordPress’ Make blog that WordPress 5.0 would be released December 6, just two days from now.

Vox Media licenses Chorus to Sun-Times; take a look at what the backend’s like

The team at Vox Media deserves all the snaps for its work on Chorus, the once-mythical "unicorn" content management system that does just about everything a digital publisher could want.

Automattic needs to rebalance its hate speech & free speech/copyright protections as soon as possible

Matt Mullenweg has been on the right side of history for most of his life. Open source, blogging, distributed teams – these are transformative ideas.

Facebook group admins are the new news editors

These Facebook group admins serve a function nearly identical to that of the now-endangered newspaper editor.

Philly should learn from tech by embracing “OKR’s”

By setting OKR’s, leaders can provide north stars that can guide decisions at any level of the organization.

The best restaurant? Matunuck Oyster Bar

Does Perry Raso run the best restaurant? Yes, I think he does.

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