Boxes of Blight now on Instagram, newspaper boxes still an issue 5 years after project’s launch

Circa 2012, an anonymous Tumblr popped up chronicling the "boxes of blight" littered throughout the city of Philadelphia. Read more

Philly students: $10 for your perspective on gun violence

I am trying to live my life by pure action, and I woke up this morning needing to do something about gun violence. Read more

Anyone remember FriendFeed? Aol Lifestream?

I wanted to ask Dave about Instant Dave. I’m really intrigued by the desktop combined feed idea and hoping Dave shares some advice on rolling my own. Read more

Today in The Platform: What Tim Armstrong learned from Patch

The Platform, the belief that there will be transformative local digital plays in the coming decades. Tim Armstrong's one of the most successful advocates, having taken Patch to Aol when he was named CEO in July 2009 (dear reader, I was there, an intern verging on the drinking age). After the jump, what Armstrong told Peter Kafka. Read more

Setting up PagePark to corral my unused domains

Like many of you, I've got a bad habit of buying domain names with a loose plan to use them in the future. Read more

First-ever New York Times brand book? And a new mission statement

Brand books. We're a company, but a company changing the world. Read more paywall example of reduced ad load

Documenting the paywall rollout so I have notes for the future. Read more paywall geography: Higher article limit for in-market users

First look at the paywall. Launch planncludes free views for these ZIP codes, only 5 free views for the rest. The user experience is okay on first blush, but I haven't had time for a deep dive yet. Read more

WordCamp for Gutenberg?

I bet that the development community could come up with a great solution if we all joined more actively in learning about the problem and working on solutions. What about a WordCamp for Gutenberg? Read more

From the archives: The first mockup of

Ran across this today while working on another post. Read more

Dan Rather’s definition of “news” on Chelsea

Chelsea's show is terrific, and I loved Rather's definition of news in the interview. Read more

Trying out Dave Winer’s new blog tool, 1999, with

I've had the domain for a while now and wasn't doing anything with it. For now I'm using it to share links about gun violence and related problems/solutions. Check out my public blog here, or follow along via RSS. Read more

WordPress snippet for ‘do not track’ Twitter widgets

Via Yan, code is on Github, and embedded after the jump. Read more

La Colombe raising some prices, just please don’t touch the sparkling water

Quick note after stopping at the Dilworth-adjacent La Colombe this morning. Prices on some drinks, cappuccinos for example, will be raised next Wednesday September 6. Exact prices weren't ready yet, at least at the counter, but it sounds like iced coffee will be unaffected by this round of price increases (currently $3 for a draft coffee and $3.50 for a draft latte). Read more


Yesterday in a one-on-one, a colleague at Alley told me something insightful; he related my instinct to organize information in a project as a reaction to the inherent entropy of what we do. Client work, agency work, even product work, all these disciplines: the devil is in the details. Read more

Philadelphia streetcar turns in front of the old Bulletin office (1942)

After stumbling onto a few books by Harold E. Cox, I've been scanning some pictures of streetcars in historic Philadelphia.

Read more

The unfulfilled promise of UGC

Most generations think they came of age in exceptional times. Can't we all be right? For me, it was MetaFilter and forums and prep school Facebook collapsing into Obama, '08, hope/change, blogs!, Google Reader, Gawker, Twitter, media, mojos, and beyond. Read more


I'm reflecting on rejection today. Read more

News coops and supporting indy publishers

I wrote recently about why ownership matters in media. This post is a followup. Read more

A biased guide to managing bias

At WordCamp for Publishers, Jake Spurlock gave a great talk based on a Facebook learning project called Managing Bias at Facebook. Some stunning statistics that reveal how probable (and unconscious) bias is, and thoughts on what we can do to actively guard against it. Read more


I'm excited and frustrated. The promise in news tech has never been greater. But neither have the challenges. Read more

Lightning talk from the Alley retreat

My flash talk from this year's Alley retreat. Read more

JavaScript and fungibility

One solving of the problem in idiomatic ES6 should be substantially equivalent to another example of solving the same problem at the same quality at the same time and place. Read more

The Platform

There's an idea that's been percolating in the news industry for a while now, The Platform. Trying to pull it out of the ether. Read more

Update on the POUND project

I've been working on a POUND clone and wanted to share how my plan has evolved. Read more

The future of work?

Consider the experience of physically meeting for the first time someone you've known digitally for a while, then imagine that scaled across an organization of 50+ employees. Now you've got a sense of what this year's Alley Interactive meetup entails. Read more

Indian Brook Reservoir

In Vermont for the annual Alley retreat, I snuck out early this morning for a short bike ride to Indian Brook Reservoir, located a few miles from our hotel.

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Philadelphia Electric Company Delaware Station

Nice bike ride yesterday that culminated in walk around the abandoned power station by Penn Treaty Park.

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