Northeastern’s Storybench team on the “secret sauce” of digital news

Through the Northeastern University Storybench project, 72 digital journalists were interviewed to create a snapshot of best practices in newsroom collaboration. Read more

Weekend hack: POUND-like tracking strings

Tried to get a proof of concept of POUND-like tracking strings going yesterday. Read more

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Who knew that Philadelphia had one of the world's best collections of racing sports cars.

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John Heinz (Tinicum) National Wildlife Refuge

Some pictures from a bike ride today.

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Working on POUND-like tracking strings

More on what it'd take to recreate POUND as an open source project. Read more

Cover of the Philadelphia Inquirer on June 7, 1944

The lede by the Inquirer's war correspondent brings you there instantly.

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What would it take to build an open source version of POUND?

I've been sniffing around to see what it'd take to build an open source version of POUND. Read more