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Life news: I got a dog


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Update from newspaperland, tariff edition

A few months ago I previewed the near future of the newspaper industry. I wanted to share a material update regarding tariffs on newsprint and how the subsequent COGS increase is wreaking havoc on already precarious newsco budgets.


Penn State Campuses Lose University Recognition After Risk Analysis Review

Penn State's 20 undergraduate campuses across the Commonwealth will no longer be recognized by the university after a Student Affairs review deemed that the score of physical locations across the state posed an unacceptable amount of risk to its students.

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Meltdown, Spectre, and the costs of unchecked innovation

Tired: Move fast with stable infra

Wired: Move deliberately with sustainable decisions

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In defense of the project manager

Great read by Slack's director of engineering, Michael Lopp, on the entropy-destroying nature of project managers. See also: me on entropy.

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Washington: A Life

George Washington seems simultaneously the most iconic of American presidents, but also most inscrutable. A true hero of the Revolution, Washington's legacy became one of the first truly American myths.


Did Temple Men’s Basketball coach Fran Duphy accuse Penn State coach Pat Chambers of dirty recruiting?

Tomorrow Penn State men's basketball will play the Temple squad in the first round of the NIT. But when the teams meet, there may be additional drama off the court.

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Water, sand, and societal change

What do you know about fluid dynamics? I’ll be honest, my understand is lay at best. But what little I know is still instructive for understanding ~~SOCIETAL CHANGE~~.

As in restaurants so in news

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