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Turns out my favorite McLuhan quote is actually a Churchill quote

McLuhan's famous phrase in fact stems from an earlier and similar witticism by Winston Churchill.

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Col. McCormick, publisher and rock collector

My second time in Chicago, and again I'm awed by the Tribune Tower. Not just the architecture and the scale, but those freaking rocks.

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How We Made the New Big Mac Index Interactive

Detailed walk-through of a long-running Economist interactive: the Big Mac Index. Thoughtful explanations of research, design, and implementation.

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To understand Philly’s gun violence crisis, in-depth reporting is needed

"Instead of six lines of sterile facts about the latest victim, we need to be told why gun violence happens in our city and how shootings can be prevented."

Facebook group admins are the new news editors

These Facebook group admins serve a function nearly identical to that of the now-endangered newspaper editor.

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Philly should learn from tech by embracing “OKR’s”

By setting OKR’s, leaders can provide north stars that can guide decisions at any level of the organization.

Less, More, and None

Lenfest Institute and Digital First Media?

Notes on dynamic meters

Notes on newsletters


Capturing Shawmont Station before its $1,000,000 preservation begins – the oldest extant passenger rail station in America

Originally a 18′ by 36′ stone house (Wissahickon Schist), the structure wouldn’t have stood out from the other country homes in this part of Philadelphia, at the tip of the Manayunk Reach, situated at the end of today’s Manayunk Canal Towpath.

Testing WordPress Gutenberg on a high volume news site

Water, sand, and societal change

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