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Publishing, privilege, and noblesse oblige

H.L. Mencken's "Life of Kings" quote does the industry a disservice and in this column I argue that publishers should use an older framework, noblesse oblige, to better understand their social obligation.

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Applying research and analysis to new product design and testing

The "Here" app coming out of the Lenfest Lab looks really nice. Basically, get notifications when you walk by a place that Inga Saffron has written about.

Philadelphia finally released its proposal to Amazon, but they redacted all the interesting stuff

The City of Philadelphia chose today to release its proposal to Amazon, albeit with redactions.

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Deep dive on Vox Media’s new pattern library/style guide, Resonance

Vox Media has paid down a considerable design debt by standing up Resonance, a new pattern library that can be used across the company's applications both internal and external.

As progressives, we have an obligation to mitigate the regressive nature of paywalled local media

Subscription-based access to news is inherently regressive because it costs a proportionally greater amount from those on lower income.

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