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Kirstin Lord on Obama’s Gaza Options

If he tries to ignore the issue or simply defend Israel’s actions, then the first anniversary of the Cairo speech will also be its epitaph. via The blog curated by Marc Lynch for Foreign Policy is the place to go for incisive analysis of the political Middle East.

Social Media in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As my previous post suggested, I have a special interest in the Middle East– and my passion for new media is pretty self evident if you take a look at other links on this page. That’s why I was especially interested in the video the IDF posted on YouTube of Israeli commandos being beaten as they […]

What I’ve Been Doing

This past semester, I had the pleasure of participating in a small seminar with Dr. Arthur Goldschmidt about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Goldschmidt literally wrote the book on the Middle East, so it was no surprise that the seminar was an extremely illuminating experience. I thought this blog would be a good place for me to post the paper I wrote […]

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