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Category: Thoughts

The past, present, and future of making the WordPress Editor work for editors

Presented originally in 2017 at WordCamp Baltimore and adapted for this weekend's WordCamp Lancaster.

Slope fields and community alignment

Motivation requires direction to achieve an outcome. In other words, a vector, a quantity containing both magnitude and direction.

My next move

Friday was my last day at Alley. At some point in January I will be taking over tech for Onward State and a couple other Lazerpro sites.

The past, present, and future of making the Editor work for editors

Here's my presentation from this year's WordCamp Baltimore.

WordCamp for Gutenberg?

I bet that the development community could come up with a great solution if we all joined more actively in learning about the problem and working on solutions. What about a WordCamp for Gutenberg?


Yesterday in a one-on-one, a colleague at Alley told me something insightful; he related my instinct to organize information in a project as a reaction to the inherent entropy of what we do. Client work, agency work, even product work, all these disciplines: the devil is in the details.

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