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Life news: I got a dog


Category: Thoughts

Notes on dynamic meters

A new type of paywall model is emerging: The dynamic meter.

Notes on newsletters

Following up my previous post on the membership business model for news, newsletters go hand-in-hand with successful audience acquisition & conversion into paid members.

Notes on the membership model for news

I am starting to explore and plan some membership work and I've been collecting notes about the business model.


Penn State Campuses Lose University Recognition After Risk Analysis Review

Penn State's 20 undergraduate campuses across the Commonwealth will no longer be recognized by the university after a Student Affairs review deemed that the score of physical locations across the state posed an unacceptable amount of risk to its students.


The past, present, and future of making the WordPress Editor work for editors

Presented originally in 2017 at WordCamp Baltimore and adapted for this weekend's WordCamp Lancaster.

Slope fields and community alignment

Motivation requires direction to achieve an outcome. In other words, a vector, a quantity containing both magnitude and direction.

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