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Category: Thoughts

As progressives, we have an obligation to mitigate the regressive nature of paywalled local media

Subscription-based access to news is inherently regressive because it costs a proportionally greater amount from those on lower income.

Retrograde progressivism at the Philly papers

The Philly spirit that embodied the Philly papers as I came to love them—typified by a pugnacious progressiveness and ceaseless city desks—is at risk as the Philadelphia Media Network arches towards business models, still unproven, in hopes the papers and their people can outlive dead tree editions.

Librarians and archiving the web

What expectation of permanence do we have of the web? Trick question, there is no standard expectation. Digital archivists—librarians—are best suited to serve as custodians of the web.

Philly should learn from tech by embracing “OKR’s”

By setting OKR’s, leaders can provide north stars that can guide decisions at any level of the organization.

Less, More, and None

My friend Ethan shared his Less, More, and None list (inspired by Jacoby Young). Cool idea, thought I'd give it a try. Always good to remind yourself of your better aspirations.


Lenfest Institute and Digital First Media?

What if Alden let another organization manage its newspaper assets as a blind trust? It would lose a great deal of flexibility in using DFM assets to leverage other companies it owns, but it would be able to wash its hands of the growing public relations crisis. Furthermore, it would give space for the strategic direction of DFM to be explored and pursued without the added baggage of hedge fund cross-percolation.

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